Club Rules



EFFECTIVE: May 1, 2016



GENERAL PROVISIONS:                                                     

  1. A membership includes spouse, children or grandchildren less than 18 years of age (or still in school). Minors under age of 16 years must remain in the members company at all times. A minor 16 years of age or older may be placed alone on a stand within adjacent plot of member, if the minor has passed the HUNTERS SAFETY COURSE and furnishes a copy of his/her certificate of completion of HUNTER SAFETY COURSE. All minors under age of 18 must be sponsored by a club member adult.

  1. No member shall have the authority to give a nonmember permission to hunt on CLUB LAND. All members and their guest must comply with all state and federal laws while present on club property, including any and all rules and regulations promulgated by the club and/or the lease. Prior to hunting, all members must supply their current hunting license number in the log book.

  1. There will be no trespassing or hunting on private property. Member will be brought before the board for breaking this rule.

  1. There will be zero tolerance for any acts of violence or threats between individuals on club property. (Subject to expulsion)

  1. Un-sportsman like conduct or slander (verbal, written or posted online) of “Two Rivers Hunting Club”, its members, or board members, may result in fines or expulsion from club. Any issues should be given to board members only!!! The issues will be addressed accordingly. Subject to deliberation by the club board of directors. The yearly membership renewal is subject to the discretion of the “Board” annually. Any action that will jeopardize the lease will not be tolerated.

  2. There will not be any road hunting on Larson McGowin & Timbervest maintained roads from a motor vehicle, 3 or 4 wheeler, chair or ground blind at any time. There will be absolutely no hunting along the road between the front gate and the camp/sign-in area. Violations of these rules are subject to the deliberation by the board of directors for imposition of fines, suspension, expulsion, etc… Any hunting from the road must be done from a stand at least 8ft tall.

  1. The club shall not be held responsible for accidents or injuries sustained by a member or guest while on club property.

  1. Dogs on club property should be on a leash and under the owner’s complete control at all times while at the camp site and sign in area.

  1. From October 1st through May 1st, target practicing is allowed only between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00 pm. Any member who intends to use the range while someone is hunting the area should ensure that they know the exact location of the hunter in the area and should not shoot toward said hunter. Between hunting seasons, target practice is allowed at any time. The target range is located under the power lines west of Tram Rd.

  1. Club membership dues will be $1350.00 per membership with a maximum of 65 full time members. Dues are to be paid in full by April 20th of each year. A $300.00 deposit is required to hold the membership position in the club and is due by the Membership meeting of each year. This deposit is nonrefundable.

  1. Two Rivers Hunting Club recommends that everyone wear snake boots and safety harnesses.


  1. All gates must be shut and locked after passing through them.

  2. ALL Members are responsible for keeping camping areas and lease property clean. Members must remove all trash (including cans and bottles) the same day the trash is brought onto the property.


  1. No cutting or damaging of any planted pine tree or its roots. This is grounds for immediate expulsion.

  1. Any deer remains from butchering will be placed at a location designated by the board of trustees. No guts are allowed to be dumped in any of the creeks per Larson McGowin & Timervest agreement.

  1. Each member will be required to work (3) work days doing tasks such as helping with planting, maintaining huts, and trimming roads. There will be a $125.00 fine for each workday missed. Your fine/fines will have to be paid before utilizing the hunting club property. A schedule of available work days will be sent to all members. The workday weekends will be the last 2 in August and all 4 in September unless you are notified otherwise. Any individual with health issues should speak to a Board Member. If you have any conflict with this time frame, feel free to contact a board member.

  1. The club board of directors must approve any compensation for services rendered BEFORE the services are done or else the club will require no compensation be paid.

  1. All members have the ability to submit suggestions, questions, or grievances to the Board. This will be facilitated by writing down the suggestion, question, or grievances and submitting them to a Board Member. The Board Member will bring the submission before the other Board Members for consideration and vote.


  1. There will be no motorcycles allowed. All ATV’S and vehicles must stay on club NAMED roads unless retrieving game. Responsible driving is mandatory at all times.

  2. Club members are limited to 2 guests per day in addition to family members to ride ATV’s and UTV’s. A $25.00 guest fee will apply. All guests must sign a release form. Recreational riding guests are only permitted during non-hunting seasons. Any child under the age of 16 years old, are required to wear a helmet while riding motorized vehicle such as 4 wheeler, or seat belts in UTV’s, and must be accompanied by a member at all times.

  3. No driving of any type of vehicle within 100 yards of a food plot unless retrieving game or working.

  4. Do not block any roadways except access to food plot you are hunting.

  5. NO UNNECESSARY DRIVING on club roads during squirrel, deer, and turkey seasons.


  1. Only paying members may bring a guest.

  2. Guest hunting & ATV/UTV fees will be $25.00 a day. All guests must sign a release form. All fees must be paid before hunting. Guest fee envelopes will be available at the sign-in board and a secure box will be used for deposing fees. Guest hunting license number must be logged in the book.

  3. Non-family member hunting guests will not be allowed prior to December 10th and the last 30 days of deer season. Hunting guests are limited to one non-family member per day. A non-family member guest can only hunt a maximum of 5 times. Paying member’s parents and grown children are limited to 15 times per season.

  4. Club members may check out an additional one area for paid guest or dependents for hunting only. No scouting.

  5. Guest must be accompanied by club member to and from hunting location.

  6. Guest will only be able to harvest bucks with two one inch points on one side (brow tines included) or one of the (3) does of paying member. Illegal bucks fall under the spike harvest fine schedule.


  1. Hunting is allowed 7 days a week.

  1. If you are late getting to the club, go to the sign out board and try to choose an area that will least likely to disturb hunters already in stands.


  1. All deer harvested must be weighed, numbered and logged in on the data harvest sheet with all information completely filled out before leaving the club.

  1. Predator hunting involving the use of a call is not permitted during the deer season.

  1. Duck hunting allowed from December 1st thru December 31st ONLY.

  1. The Doe sanctuary shall apply during the youth hunt and bow season.

  1. A member may go to a maximum of (4) plots per day or (5) plots per day if the member has a guest (i.e. anyone hunting with you, but not hunting the same stand or plot). A member may have (1) plot from 4:00am to 10:00am, (2) plots between 10:00am and 2:00pm and (1) plot from 2:00pm until dark. PAYING MEMBERS ONLY may scout or place stand’s between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm. Be sure to use courtesy when changing areas and do not to disturb other hunters.

  1. Limit scouting on food plots from January 15th through the end of the season.

  1. All rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders and unholstered pistols must be unloaded, secured and out of sight around all camp sites, sign out board and community areas.

  1. Any questions concerning club rules should be brought to a Board Member, or can be deposited in the Suggestion Box in the Sign-In Area.

  1. Anything not covered under these rules will be up to the deliberation of the Board Members.

  1. All members and guest must sign a legal release form before using club property.

  1. All personal stands must have FIRST AND LAST names on them and must be easily read from road or woods; visible and legible.


  1. No one will be allowed to sign out a hunting location before 4:00am on the day of the hunt. Sign out time for turkey season will be 3:00am.

  2. Members hunting food plots must sign the plot out upon arriving at the club and must sign the plot back in at the end of the day.

  3. Members must leave the area that you signed out LEGIBLE in the sign-in book, or you will be subject to a $25.00 fine. When removing previous plot number only 1 line through number. If a plot is signed out and not gone to, it must be noted by circling the number and writing DNG. (Did Not Go)

  1. Any member may sign out (3) food plots together in the SAME area to form a large turkey hunting area during turkey season or may have (4) total if member has a guest. Scouting time or general recreation during turkey season will start at 12:00pm.

  2. The planting for summer plots can begin May 1st of each year. Salt and mineral blocks will be allowed from May 1st – September 30th and must be placed in the outer perimeter of food plots only. No salt and/or mineral blocks shall be placed in woods or near private stands.

  3. In addition to summer food plots, club maintained feeders will be placed along roadways for spring and summer feeding. Contents of club maintained feeders will be removed two-weeks prior to hunting season. Members are NOT allowed to place private feeders on club property. Feeder and corn donations will be accepted.

  4. During hunting hours (morning and evening) you must be only in the area you have signed out.

  5. There will be a $100.00 fine if a hunter walks in on another hunter’s area.


  1. The area inside of Tram, Cut-Thru, Rabbit, Long Point and Rice Creek road will be considered the “Doe Sanctuary”; this area will be outlined on the map at the sign out board. Illegal deer harvested inside the “Doe Sanctuary” will result in a $250.00 fine.

  2. Each membership will be issued one non-transferable tag to harvest an antler-less deer inside the “Doe Sanctuary” during the 2016-2017 hunting season. Only two antler-less deer will be harvested from each plot inside the doe sanctuary. Doe sanctuary plots open for harvesting antler-less deer will be noted on the tag sign-out board. This is to allow members the opportunity to harvest mature doe that may not be producing fawns any longer. Illegal deer harvested inside the “Doe Sanctuary” will result in a $250.00 fine.

  3. The buck harvest this year will be in accordance with Alabama State Law. At least (1) buck of the (3) buck maximum must have at least (4) points on one side. All violations will come before the Board Members for a determination of action to be taken. Two of the three legal bucks harvested must have a minimum of two one inch points on one side (brow tines included). Illegal bucks fall under the spike harvest fine schedule or $250.00 if harvested in the “Doe Sanctuary”.

  4. For the purposes of determination of a legal buck, tine measurement will follow state rules and the measurement will be from the center of the main beam to the tip. A tine must measure at least one inch to be counted.

  5. Bucks with one ten inch beam or weighing 120lbs or greater prior to January 15th and 110lbs or greater after January 15th are considered a Cull buck. These bucks may be harvested without receiving any fines. Please contact a Board Member before dressing a Cull buck. Illegal Cull bucks fall under the Spike harvest fine schedule or $250.00 if harvested in the “Doe Sanctuary”.

  6. No antler-less deer will be harvested after January 15th. The entire club becomes a doe sanctuary. All violations will receive a $250.00 fine.

  7. Absolutely no spike deer shall be shot intentionally. Please help the club raise more mature bucks. Fines will be $50.00 for first spike, $100.00 for the second spike and $250.00 and one year probation for the third spike. Violation of probation is grounds for expulsion. Spikes harvested inside the “Doe Sanctuary” will result in a $250.00 fine for each offense.

  8. Each paid membership is limited to (3) does including “Doe Sanctuary” antler-less deer tag.

  9. All children and grandchildren, 15 years of age and under, of a club member and who have never killed a deer may harvest a spike outside the “Doe Sanctuary”. Limited to one per membership, per year and will count as one doe of the membership.


  1. Any member or guest who harvests a deer of either sex weighing less than 60lbs will be fined based on the following schedule: $100.00 first offense, $200.00 second offense, Deliberation by the Board of Directors for fines, suspension, expulsion, etc… third offense or $250.00 each offense if harvested in the “Doe Sanctuary”.

 ** Bucks harvested 60lbs. or more with no visible antlers above the hairline will not result in a fine and are considered antler-less deer, but will count against members (3) Does.

  1. Illegal bucks and illegal cull bucks fall under the Spike harvest fine schedule or $250.00 each offense if harvested in the “Doe Sanctuary”.

  1. Illegally Harvested Spikes: $50.00 first offense, $100.00 second offense, $250.00 and one year probation third offense. Spikes harvested inside the “Doe Sanctuary” will result in a $250.00 fine for each offense. Violation of probation is grounds for expulsion.

  1. ANY & ALL illegal deer harvested after January 15th will result in a $250.00 fine for each offense.

  1. All fines assessed by the club must be paid to an officer of the club, before the member can hunt again. Failure to pay fine before hunting will result in expulsion. If a payable guest shoots a deer subject to a fine, the fine paid by the guest does not count against member.





Danny Hill, President                        850.377.4306
Brian Morgan, Vice President         850.418.2402
Tina Mercer Smith, Secretary        850.572.2991
Chris Couture, Treasurer                850.516.9100


Craig Nims                     850.221.6670
Kenny Shelby               850.777.1849
Justin Reeder               850.375.8448
Bruce West                    251.947.4090
Alex Bell                          850.232.5659
Matt Williams                 251.300.1597
Gary Mosley                   251.752.2623