Apr 06

Clean Up!!!

The land management company recently inspected the campsites and common areas. They requested we create a defensible space around any spark or heat source. This should involve raking or clearing all pine straw and brush located within at least 8 feet of grills, campfire rings and generators.

As we all know, fire is a serious issue on the property. Please clean up campsites and assist with preventing potential fire hazards.




Feel free to contact me or a board member with questions.


Thank you,



Mar 30

2015/2016 Membership Cook Out / Membership Dues Collection

Come join us on April 25th around Noon – Bring a dish if you wish!

We will be having a cookout at the club on April 25th to welcome all members and their families to the 2015/2016 season.  We will also be collecting final membership payments during the cookout.  Feel free to bring a covered dish or desert.

Your membership package will be available for pickup which will have your new key, stickers, a membership card, club rules, a map of the club and a waiver that will need to be signed and return before you can access the club.  If you are unable to attend, we will mail your membership package provided your membership is paid in full.

Membership dues must be paid prior to May 1st.  We have to pay the entire lease by the first week of May so please make arrangements to pay your dues on or before this date so we can get this expense out of the way.  If you are unable to attend and still owe for your membership dues, checks can be mailed to:

Two Rivers Hunting Club
P.O. Box 647
Gonzalez, FL  32560

Any member who has not paid their dues by May 1st risks loosing their membership spot and forfeits any deposits they have paid.  If you are unable to pay your dues, please let a board member or officer know.


Feb 24

Club Meeting/Cookout/Deposits 03/14/15 12 Noon

Hi Everyone,


Please plan to attend the club meeting/cookout on March 14, 2015, 12 Noon.

(Feel free to bring a covered dish)




Deposits will be accepted and are due on 03/14/15. Remaining balance must be paid prior to 05/01/15.

The 2015/2016 rules will be discussed and will be available for review.

In addition, we will be filling membership openings (if any) from the current waiting list.

The new board is excited to make this a fun and safe year for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there!


***If you are not able to attend, please contact an officer or board member prior to the meeting to make arrangements to pay the deposit.


Sep 02

Roads are coming along!

The roads are currently being graded and are looking great!



Aug 03

Summer Plots & Work Days

The summer plots came in great this year and the deer are very active on these plots.

2014-08-03 17.26.35

Work days will be starting soon so go ahead and sharpen up those chain saws and axes and get your snake boots ready.


May 06

Camp update

[notice]The camp is open somewhat you can go to the range, 59 camp and 69

in places  the  roads are still washed out drive slow and at your own risk!!!!!

Do not use Rice Creek At all from the camp all the way to 77 pond

also do not turn right on Davis branch from overpass and the same goes for long point

right of overpass. The roads with string and flag on then are there for a reason, stay out!!

If your not sure don’t go[/notice]

Thanks Eric and Bruce


Apr 30

Flooding at the Club

[notice]The camp is closed till further notice  You can go to the pole barn only.[/notice]

Due to the flooding, the hunting club will be closed.  No riding at all past the camp area!

Call if you have any question

Thanks Eric and Bruce!


Apr 16

Club Dues are Due!

7081338-929284-payment-due-stamp[notice]Club dues are due by the end of the month (April).  If you have not paid your dues, please make arrangements with Eric or Barry.  [/notice]


Mar 09

Meeting/Cookout 3/15/2014 at Noon


There will be a meeting on 3/15/2014 at noon for all members to cover the 2014-2015 membership and to collect deposits.  We will also be cooking out so come hungry.

Contact Eric or Bruce if you are unable to attend so you can make arrangements for your dues if you have not paid them already.


Hope to see you there!


Feb 11

New Officers and Board Members for 2014-2015

Elections were held on Saturday, February 8th to elect new officers and board members.

Officers (Unchanged from 2013-2014)

President – Eric Tirrell

Vice President – Bruce West

Secretary – Nikki Burt

Treasurer – Barry Nyjordet

Board Members

Danny Hill

Gary Mosley

Kenny Shelby

Mike Pantle

Craig Nims


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